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Hello, I’m Davitta also known as Vitta Rae. I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Oh Baby! pre/postnatal Specialist. I’m also a wife and mommy to a beautiful baby girl. My love for fitness and nutrition began with my own journey to improve myself both physically and mentally. I wasn’t happy with my weight and didn’t feel confident in my own skin. Working a full-time job while also being a full-time graduate student, I had developed unhealthy eating habits and was not engaging in much physical activity. Since I was so busy, it was easy for me to fall into a quick option for food and since my nutritional habits weren’t healthy, the small amount of physical activity I engaged in weekly was almost pointless.

I decided to make a change to better myself both physically and mentally. I wanted to feel comfortable and confident, so I changed my eating habits and started engaging in regular physical activity. I wasn’t comfortable or confident enough to walk into a gym at the beginning of my journey. Most of my physical activity was completed at home through bodyweight strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). I saw major results, my clothing started to fit better, I was stronger physically and mentally and I was finally confident enough to venture into the gym. There my love for weightlifting began as I watched my body, physical capabilities, and mentality transform even more.

As I watched both my mind and my body change, I grew a love for fitness and
nutrition. Furthermore, I grew a desire and passion to motivate, inspire and help
others engage in a fitness and wellness journey. I believe if you want it, believe in
yourself and work hard, you can accomplish all your goals and dreams. At Vitta Rae Fitness, I strive to make sure you reach your fitness goals and witness your body's capabilities and potential through hard work, dedication and motivation.

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