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Fierce & Fearless

8-Week Program (Home/Gym)

This full-body program primarily incorporates weight training to improve strength, build lean muscle, and shred stubborn fat. During this program, you will complete four weekly workouts consisting of two lower-body days, two upper-body days, and an optional full-body cardio conditioning/functional training day. In addition to the weekly weight sessions, you will need to incorporate 2-3 days of 25-30 minutes of cardiovascular training of your choosing. This training can be via any cardiovascular equipment (treadmill, stair-mill, rower, etc.), outdoor activities (jogging, walking, cycling, etc.), and/or body weight training.

A gym is highly recommended for this program. However, there are home alternatives for most of the weekly workouts. If performing the weekly workouts at home, a range of light to moderate weight dumbbells, resistance bands, glute loop/band and bench are required.


The Program Includes:

  • Weekly video demonstration of all workouts (including sets and repetitions)

  • Detailed E-book of program information, education and weekly workouts

  • Nutrition Guidance and Education

  • Sample Grocery list and Meal Guidance Examples

  • Consistent Support, Motivation and Education


Equipment Needed: 

  • Range of light and moderate weight dumbbells (ex. 5-15 lbs. or more)

  • Resistance bands 

  • Glute loop/bands

  • Bench


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